March 2010 Newsletter

I have been very busy showing a lot of homes and condos since the first of the year. This is a good sign for the market. A lot of the folks are thinking about buying, but are having a hard time pulling the trigger. Either they are waiting for the perfect property or hoping prices will continue to fall. On a couple of occasions, my buyers have missed out on tremendous opportunities because they were stuck in indecision. Even in a lousy market, the screaming deals don’t stick around forever. Overall, the market is much better than it was a year ago. Sales are up 59% compared to this time last year.

The recent weather has been memorable; snow, snow, and more snow! After a relatively dry early winter, the powder has been coming by the truckload. The snowpack is now back up to 102% of average. Spring Break skiers are going to have a great time. Out of town folks will likely flood the area to take advantage of the powder.

When I don’t see a lot of sunshine, I start to get depressed and feel sorry for myself. To help work myself out of my funk, I decided to write down the 10 most important thoughts and ideas I have accumulated in my mind over the past several years. Hopefully, you will find them useful in your future. You may consider them to be common sense.

1) Write down your goals in as much detail as possible, and most of them will come true.

2) You will do and become what you think about most.

3) Visualize what you want passionately and your chance of accomplishing your goal is much better.

4) Now is the most important time and day of your life.

5) Do it now.

6) Procrastination is a waste of time.

7) Positive thinking is much better than negative thinking.

8) Don’t make excuses.

9) You’re only as old as you think you are.

10) Have fun!

I hope you and your family are doing well. I am looking forward to getting out of Dodge for Spring Break. For a week, we are trading our home in Pagosa in exchange for a home in a small town south of Cancun called Puerto Morelos.

I’ll close by reminding everyone that now is the greatest buying opportunity I have seen in quite some time. If you have money to invest, it’s time to act. If you’re looking for property somewhere other than Pagosa, I can provide you with a top notch Realtor anywhere in the country through my CRS referral network. CRS stands for Certified Residential Specialist, a professional designation that only 4% of the Realtors in the country have earned. Give me a call if you’d like me to assist you in finding a CRS agent anywhere in America.

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