The Friendliest Town in Colorado

As I have mentioned before, I believe that Pagosa Springs is the friendliest town in Colorado.  One of my past clients confirmed this belief when she sent me the following story:


When my late husband and I went to Pagosa, we actually found out just how friendly Pagosa is.  As we drove from Texas, we went through the tunnel which required us to have our car lights on.  The next morning, we found out that we had a dead battery due to forgetting to turn off the lights.  We went back inside the hotel and asked if anyone had jumper cables.  They inquired, and no one had any, so they called the police department for assistance.  Here in Texas, it is unheard of asking the police for a jump!

The police came and jumped our car.  To further demonstrate how friendly Pagosa is, we went to get a bite before heading out, and we were worried about the car not being charged enough to re-start.  We were told to leave the car running, and no one would take it.  That was a total shock!  But, as we were walking to the restaurant from the parking lot, we saw a number of cars with the keys in the ignition!

I will never forget this experience as long as I live.  Along with the beautiful scenery and the friendly people, this is what sold us.

-Mary Williams


I love this town, and I don’t think we should keep it a secret any more.  I am making a big push to market Pagosa Springs as “the friendliest town in Colorado.”  I am taking this idea and talking to various town agencies, town leaders, and businesses.

I am trying to collect as many “friendly Pagosa” stories as possible, similar to the one above by Mary Williams.  If you have any stories to share about the friendly citizens of Pagosa Springs, I would certainly appreciate them.

I hope that we can put together a town-wide campaign to show the world what a great place this is.  If you have any stories to share, please email them to me.  If you would like to play a bigger role in the campaign, or if you have your own ideas about “the friendliest town in Colorado,” I would certainly love to year from you!

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