November 2010 Newsletter

October was definitely my busiest month of the year. My office has been a blur of activity over the last several weeks. Unfortunately, this personal activity did not translate into the monthly statistics. October 2010 lagged behind October 2009 in overall sales. This is the second consecutive month in which we’ve trailed last year. One possible bright spot is that most of the deals which have kept me so busy recently haven’t actually closed yet, so they’re not reflected in the October stats. Perhaps if my Realtor colleagues around town are experiencing a similar workload, we’ll see a bump in the stats to close out 2010.

As part of an upcoming town-wide initiative I am spearheading, I recently put out a call for stories showing how Pagosa Springs is “The Friendliest Town in Colorado.” I was delighted at the many responses I received, and I’d like to share a few of them with everyone:

Prior to 2005, my wife and I had traveled all over this beautiful country on our vacations. By luck, we discovered the little town of Pagosa Springs that year. Everywhere we went, we met friendly people who welcomed us to their business or home with sincere enthusiasm. During our first week’s stay, we went to the county fair. That night, there was a dance with people from 5 to 95 out on the dance floor dancing to country music. We looked at each other and decided this is where we wanted to live.

-Don & Susan Haddock

Last winter we were in Pagosa. As I pulled out of the driveway, I ended up in the snow-covered ditch on the side of the road. The car was stuck. A neighbor drove by and stopped to help. He used his truck to pull the car out. When I offered to pay for his help, he refused, saying he was glad to be able to assist.

-Gregory Sammarco

We bought our little piece of Pagosa last spring. The house had been long neglected and foreclosed upon. So, there was a lot of work to be done to get ready to spend our summer vacation there. We started taking turns spending 3-4 day trips from Evergreen to do the work. From the very first time we showed up at the house to work, our neighbors started coming over and introducing themselves. They offered to help with literally anything they could. They made sure our garbage got to the street on trash day, helped my husband move heavy log rails to the deck, invited us to block parties, dinners, and so much more. The woman we rented a house from, while ours was still unlivable, even came over and helped me paint one day just to spend time with me and get to know me. Where else does that happen?

-Diana & Brian Hale

Stories like these only make me more certain that I’m living in “The Friendliest Town in Colorado.” Each story I received brought a little smile to my face, and I want to thank everyone who sent in a story. If you have a story about our friendly town that you haven’t shared yet, I would love to hear from you.

Finally, we have control of our TV’s and phones again. The election is over. It’s amazing the amount of negativity out there. My hopes for the future is that we start acting like the United States and start working together rather than trying to make the other side fail. If not, we will probably fall like so many other nations in the past that thought they were invincible like Rome.

Lee Riley
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