February 2010 Newsletter

With only one month of the new year under our belts and with this being the slowest time of year for Pagosa real estate, there is not much of a story to tell. We are up by a couple of transactions over last year, but the sample is so small that it’s hard to tell […]

January 2010 Newsletter

Regarding the Real Estate Market in Pagosa Springs – which would you like first, the good news or the bad? Being an optimist, I’ll start with the positives. Let’s talk about the glass half full. We are having a big sale, similar to Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Prices are marked down and there are big […]

December 2009 Newsletter

The Riley family had a great Thanksgiving. Laurie and I traveled to Denver to visit family, including our son and our new daughter-in-law. The festivities included seeing Riverdance and watching Carmelo Anthony score 50 points as the Nuggets beat the Knicks! All in all, we had a superb holiday, and I have so very much […]

November 2009 Newsletter

Go Broncos! This year, the Broncos are 6 and 1, and we are leading the division. According to the “experts,” we were only supposed to win 4 games this year! The sports commentators remind me of the financial gurus. Neither seems to know what they are talking about. I believe I’m doing better thinking on […]

October 2009 Newsletter

Fall is here. The colors are getting bright, and mornings are cold. So, when will we get our first major snow? When will the ski area open? Will we have a hard winter or a mild one? In October in Pagosa, these are the questions on everyone’s minds. After two tough winters, I’m hoping for […]

August 2009 Newsletter

I have some good real estate news. Things have been very busy in my office lately. I think we may have hit bottom in the housing market. About the time I decided to take a summer vacation two weeks ago, the genie came out of the bottle. Most of the activity is on single family […]

July 2009 Newsletter

One down and one to go! I just had the best Father’s Day ever, as my daughter just got married at our home. It was a beautiful ceremony on a perfect afternoon. Heather married John Lovell, a Navy man from Tennessee. After months of planning, everything went off without a hitch. Next, my son will […]

June 2009 Newsletter

It’s been a busy past week. Last weekend, I had four buyers come to work with me.  On Saturday, I had appointments at 10:00 a.m., noon, and 3:00 p.m..  Sunday at 9:00 a.m. was the icing on the cake! So far, two have written contracts to buy homes. The third is close to buying, and […]

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